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Imagine a world of no paper

Specialist in knowledge working from home specialising in time saving automation including  Forms, Approvals Tasks, Signing and Sharing secured documents with anyone in the world on any device. Innovators in businesses processes especially for start-ups. Discover the E difference save the environment. Less paper waste!

Sustainable Business by Design  
What makes a company tick?  What makes a company fail? We at Eviscan believe that sustainable business by design. We design information management to support and act in a systemic strategic frame work. We embrace Systemic Thinking in what we do and how we design. We ask what is the problem? What is the system? Who are the actors in the system? How do we inform the actors? How do you will turn that problem around or enable the transformation to improve the company competiveness, reduce costs or reduce risks or empower our staff to make better decisons. Learn more about .
Scanning Documents or Photos  Fast Scanner Epson FF 680W

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Evidence Management
Experts in organising and handling Evidence
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Mobile Office
Read your documents, tasks and complete forms and approve requests on forms on  a portable, tablet or smart phone.
The system will send emails with links to forms or documents. Workflows designed for a small office or a large department. Access you work on a PC in the offoce or yout phone. All designed in align with company policy and security.
Information Cycle
Capture data (collect evidence) of a transaction or a statement of fact or communication that should make sense to someone for varity of reasons. Do some work and rurn it into actionable information, continue to make sense store it and retrive it and refine it and turn it into knowlege. Manage that knowledge so that it enables  reliable and repeatable investigations  that makes deposits onto your intelliluctrual bank.

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