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Eviscan makes business easier by scanning fast
Welcome to FF Epson 680 W

We have been using this Photo and Document Scanner for sometime and its brillant! We love using it and talking about its portable double sided and comes with specialised software so that we can index ........

Scan photographs of different sizes in a batch ( "look mum no hands"). However they can stick together, especially  if they come out of an album so care must be taken to separate and test them before loading. The unit has glass that will get dirty and need cleaning. The unit will stop and report a jam is it dedects and sticky restantence, Otherwise its an excellant workhorse!  

Try this speed on a flat bed
We offer scanning family photos to protect presious family memories and save to  a CD or USB or a online Drive.
We can index them and save them into catagories and make them searchable. We have tools developed by us.    
Scanning Documents
Pile 50 pages at a time into the scanner and it will scan both side fast, very fast depending on the dpi setting. Concern will be given to the naming convention. What is separate document - mutiple pages the page numbering.  Is the document an Invoice to be paid. it goes to accounta payable or is it a statement or legal document?
Is the documents already organised in a papaer folder. What is the name of the folder

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